Forensic Service

When you doubt there is an unusual financial activity, we conduct an investigation according to the time-critical requirement, explore electronic evidence and review financial reports. Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership has rich experience in local laws and regulations field, our prime duty is able to assist your company to meet the reporting requirement. If it is necessary, we can provide expert witness testimony in order to explain our inspection results. Economic crime remains a significant threat to the stability of business operation. It is very important to take appropriate precaution or response rapidly when you faced with illegal activities.

Fraud and theft case ranged over a wide field: from intellectual property to inventory, cyber-crimes and corruption, they can make companies pay a high price. Based on the above problems, Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership provide the following forensic services:

  • Fraud examination: assessing the amount of asset involved in the crime of corruption and bribe
  • Inspect the accuse of embezzle company’s assets and funds
  • Preserve important evidences
  • Use identification techniques to query and analysis of database and user documentation
  • Communicate with relevant personnel, know the facts and then make an objective and fair assessment


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