Due Diligence Investigation

All enterprises must have risk awareness. Especially in mergers and acquisitions project, your first consideration should be risk, rather than earnings. When you design a project’s trading structure, you should identify the potential risks involved in the project first and then propose a solution. Without risk control ability, it will be difficult to guarantee the success of the projects.

After determine the financing options, when you are dealing with mergers and acquisitions for further processing, you will face a series of problems at different stages of the transaction, such as:

  • How to maximize your profits during the merger and acquisition?
  • What is the impact of different transaction structures?
  • How to evaluate Target Company’s operating performance and its net asset?
  • How to identify and minimize Target Company’s financial, tax and legal risks?
  • How to generate synergies before merger and after merger?

Faced with these practical and significant problems, a preliminary investigation is necessary, only based on a reasonable investigation, after determine the operability of the project, enterprise can confidently implement the acquisition plan. Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership equipped with senior and professional industry elite, master of advanced investigation method, provide high quality and efficient core services for stakeholders, escort your funding activities.



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Smile Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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