Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership insist on  profession-oriented development and devoted to providing the clients with  high-quality, high-efficiency and high value-added professional services  including audit and consulting services. 
Shanghai Perfect C.P.A  Partnership is a registered member of PCAOB (The Public Company Accounting  Oversight Board) which is a nonprofit corporation created by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 to oversee the auditors  of public companies.
Providing worldwide certification, consultancy services and localization solutions for our clients. 
Core Services
1.Attestation and Auditing for IPO&Consulting
 At the pre-IPO stage, Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership can professionally and comprehensively assist your company in contacting sponsors and dealers and provide advice and suggestions on the negotiation so as to relieve your worries. 
2. Due Diligence Investigation
Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership equipped with senior and professional industry elite, master of advanced investigation method, provide high quality and efficient core services for stakeholders, escort your funding activities.
3.Financial Affairs Diagnoses
Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership explore risk from all angles in order to gain competitive advantages for you. Helping you discover problems thoroughly, manage risk and make informed decisions. 
4.Tax Health Checking
Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership audit public financial affairs, communicate with the management layer at various levels, preliminarily assess risky fields, probe into solutions and propose reasonable suggestions. 
5.Tax Planning
Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership has been dedicated to helping enterprises combine and use manpower, procedures, data and technologies from a brand new perspective, so as to avoid tax-related risks based on taxation compliance and tax declaration and allow enterprises to run more efficiently. 
6.Transfer Pricing
Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership can figure out the problems and risks in the connected transactions and provide reasonable and professional suggestions to ensure the actual results are consistent with the expected transfer pricing policy.
7.Enterprise Valuation
Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership help you know the background inside-out, conduct quantitative management, enhance cohesion from inside and exhibit your strength outside, Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership, escort your assets. 
8.Forensic Service
Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership has rich experience in local laws and regulations field, our prime duty is able to assist your company to meet the reporting requirement.
9.Anti-Dumping Investigation
Shanghai Perfect C.P.A Partnership focus on the requirements of the national business administration from different countries, then we have prepared an anti-dumping investigation checklist, and now it has already formed a system and still being updated.

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